Meridian High Wrestling



Team Oriented – Athletes are expected and required to have a team-first attitude. One of the goals of the coaching staff is to create a tight-knit team that is unselfish, and willing to help individuals be their best and reach their goals.

Work Ethic – “You reap what you sow”. Therefore, we want to instill in our wrestlers a strong work ethic. The harder and smarter an individual works in and out of the practice room, the more successful he or she will be on the mat and in life.

Integrity – A major focus of the wrestling program is to develop young men who are honest, respectful, coachable/ teachable, and responsible.

Sportsmanship – Athletes are expected to play by the rules, be humble winners, and be honorable when they lose.

Goal Setting – Goal setting is a key element in reaching personal aspirations. We want the athletes to set realistic and measurable goals

Fundamentals – The coaching staff believes that the cornerstone of a successful program is becoming fundamentally sound and being a student of the game.

Positive Experience -We are here to love and coach the athletes and not tear them down. We will let them know what they need to work on, but we will also praise them for the things they are doing well. Our aim is to make this a positive experience for the athletes.

Expectations of the Athletes


Practice – Practice is not optional. Athletes are expected to be at practice. Please plan all appointments around practice as much as possible. If an athlete is injured, they are still expected to attend practice and watch what is being taught. If your athlete is ill, please keep them home. Contact the coach by email before practice to let them know that your athlete will not be at practice. If the coach has not been notified, the absence will be considered unexcused. Three unexcused absences will result in disciplinary action or possible loss of participation in matches. Indefinite suspension or removal from the team may occur if an athlete continually misses practice.

Practice Schedule:

  • First Practice – October 14 at 3:25 in the Wrestling Room, located upstairs in the Wes Lowe gym
  • Practice is held every day from 3:30 to 5:00. Athletes need to be picked up no later than 5:15.
  • Thanksgiving Break – Monday, November 22nd through Friday, November 26th, we will have optional practices. Times and dates will be announced closer to that week.
  • School – Wrestlers are students first, athletes second. All wrestlers are required to keep passing grades during the entire season. Grade checks will be done every Friday. Athletes are a representation of the MMS Wrestling team and program. We are asking that each athlete commits to acting with honor, integrity, and respect in their athletic and academic endeavors regardless of location. Being disrespectful or disruptive in class will result in disciplinary actions or possible removal from the team.

Team – You are a part of a TEAM. As a coaching staff, we expect all the wrestlers to help set up before and help tear down and clean up after home matches. All athletes are required to stay at the match until our entire team is finished wrestling. If extraordinary circumstances arise that would cause an athlete to need to leave a match early, those need to be communicated in writing 1 day before the match.

Sportsmanship – Wrestlers are expected to act with honor and integrity when competing. After a match, win or lose, the athlete is expected to shake the hand of the other wrestler and the hands of the opposing coaches. Throwing headgear or other displays of unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disciplinary action.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, October 14.

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Coaching Staff

Brad Muri, Jon Muri, Brad Perry, Joshua Aldinger, Dalton Young, Cash Edwards, Travis White, David Griffin, Jake Garrison, Paden Moore, John Fowler, Riley Orozco, Brian Twait, Matt Klinger

Brad Muri, Jon Muri, Brad Perry, Joshua Aldinger, Dalton Young, Cash Edwards, Travis White, David Griffin, Jake Garrison, Paden Moore, John Fowler, Riley Orozco, Brian Twait, Matt Klinger